American Head Charge guitarist Cameron Heacock arrested on suspicion of guitar theft

  • 13 Apr, 2018

    The lead singer of metal band American Head Charge has been arrested after police allegedly found more than a dozen stolen guitars inside his van.

    Cameron Heacock was reportedly pulled over by police after he drove a stolen van from a motel in Costa Mesta, California.

    Upon inspection of the van, police found that it was packed with stolen property, with the discovery then leading them to a warehouse where thirteen guitars and a motorcycle were discovered.

    Nine of the instruments were taken from Guitar Center, a music shop in Fountain Valley.

    Heacock is in custody at Santa Ana’s Central Men’s Jail, where he is expected to remain before a court appearance later today.


    Heacock’s last release with American Head Charge came in the form of 2016’s ‘Tango Umbrella’, the group’s fourth album and their first full-length release in over 10 years.


    Guitar Center employees say than more than $10,000 worth of guitar equipment has been recovered, while police are working to find the owners of four other guitars and a selection of stolen property.