Jon Daly takes down Lil Xan in new parody diss track ‘I’m Your Dad’

  • 11 Apr, 2018

    US comedian Jon Daly has shared a new parody track aimed at controversial rapper Lil Xan. Check out ‘I’m Your Dad’ below.

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    Xan, who recently attracted a backlash after calling Tupac ‘boring‘ (to the extent where police had to rescue him from an angry mob of fans), fell into a feud with the Kroll Show comedian over the weekend.

    “If you’re a white rapper with no face tattoos, go get a bunch of face tattoos bro!” he tweeted, later adding: “I’m sorry about all your very bad face tattoos @lilxanfuhyobih – Stay off downers and go back to high school! Yr not a pimp Lol.”

    Xan then replied with a cutting putdown:

    You sorry that I’m rich as well ?

    — LIL XAN (@lilxanfuhyobih) April 7, 2018


    After apparently messaging Xan asking for a collaboration, Daly then went one step further – releasing the parody diss track ‘I’m Your Dad’ along with artwork mocking his appearance. Check out both below.

    I ???? tha smell of ether on my son in the morning ????yo boi, IM YOUR DAD IM YOUR DAD IM YOUR DAD IM YOUR DAD IM YOUR DAD IM YOUR DAD @xanxiety im old as fuck doing something u could never do let me know if u hate me rn IDC I love you son and consider us a fam ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    A post shared by Jon Daly (@jondalygram) on Apr 10, 2018 at 9:56am PDT


    In our review of ‘Total Xanarcy’ as “an endurance test“, NME wrote: “Lil Xan is by no means the worst thing to happen to hip-hop, nor does he symbolise its death. However, he isn’t very good either.

    “Stretched to a full album’s worth of material, Xan’s music, like a certain branded prescription drug, quickly tires those with little tolerance.”