Kevin Smith has invited Stan Lee to come and live with him

  • 11 Apr, 2018

    Writer and director Kevin Smith has invited comic book icon Stan Lee to come and live with him, as concern continues to grow around the 95-year-old’s care and wellbeing.

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    The creator of Marvel, also renowned for his regular cameos in movies by the studio, has recently made headlines due to his deteriorating health – with the Spider Man and Black Panther visionary revealing a battle with pneumonia earlier this year.

    In a response to an exposé by The Hollywood Reporter alleging abuse against Lee by those closest to him, super fan and ‘Clerks’ director Smith offered to take Lee’s care into his own hands.

    “This is heartbreaking,” Smith wrote. “We love you, @TheRealStanLee. You are always welcome to come live with me — or please let us fans buy you a new place to live. We miss you, sir.”


    This is heartbreaking. We love you, @TheRealStanLee. You are always welcome to come live with me – or please let us fans buy you a new place to live. We miss you, sir.

    — KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) April 10, 2018

    Attorneys on behalf of those accused in the report deny any wrongdoing.

    In an emotional video to his fans earlier this year, Lee said: “I haven’t been in touch with you lately. I had a little bout of pneumonia I’ve been fighting, but it seems to be getting better.”

    “I want you all to know I’m thinking of you, of course I always think of the fans, and I hope you’re all doing well, and I miss you all.”

    “I miss your enthusiasm, I miss all your notes, all your photos and emails… and I want you to know that I still love you all.”

    Stan Lee


    He added: “I think that Marvel, Spidey and I had the best group of fans that any group in the world ever had, and I sure appreciate it.”

    “I hope next time we talk, I’ll be in even better shape, maybe I’ll have some of this pneumonia knocked down, and we can have some real fun over the internet. Until then, excelsior.”

    Last year saw Lee lose his wife of 69 years, Joan. She died at 93 after suffering a stroke.